NAACP looking for lawyers to man every polling place on Election Day

With so much at stake next week, election security is top of mind. While police will be at the polls looking for voter fraud and intimidation, the Detroit branch of the NAACP says that won't be enough - and are ready to take action to keep voters and poll volunteers safe. 

"Why would you be bringing weapons to the voting booth? What’s the purpose of that?" Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, president of the NAACP Detroit branch, said Tuesday at a press conference. 

"If anyone thinks they can come into Detroit, Wayne County or Michigan to try to somehow intimidate our voters they better think again," said attorney and activist Nabih Ayad.

The Detroit Chapter of The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People brought together a team of polling site monitors and attorneys to stamp out intimidation at polling sites on Election Day.

"We have eyes and we have ears and we will be at virtually every polling place in the city, in this county and in this state," said attorney Chui Karega with the NAACP Detroit Branch. 

"We are ready, willing and able to take on any case within hours in state and federal court to stop any kind of intimidation," Ayad said.

This civil rights organization makes it clear.

"We believe in the Second Amendment. This is not a Second Amendment issue; this is about a right to vote issue," Dr. Rev. Anthony said.

These activists argue metro Detroiters are targets for intimidation tactics, even away from polling sites.

"We received a number of robo calls in Detroit. I received them at my home and these calls were made to basically suppress the vote," Dr. Rev. Anthony said.

Other tactics may include someone approaching you on Election Day, asking questions or demanding unnecessary paperwork.

"Questions like, 'Do you have too many tickets? Is your license suspended? Maybe we can send somebody out to get you. Is your ex-wife still looking for you?'" Karega said. 

The bottom line is the only thing you need to vote - is you.

The NAACP is still accepting attorneys to help wipe out voter intimidation.

"We've got enough locations in this city that we'd like to have one lawyer for every location," Karega said.

If you experience voter intimidation or even witness it, call the NAACP's voter hotline immediately at 313-664-2424.

Meanwhile, lawyers and poll monitors looking to volunteer for NAACP can call 313-871-2087.