Nassar survivor describes talks with MSU leaders

The young woman who took on MSU interim president last week is speaking out.

Kaylee Lorincz dropped a bombshell at the Michigan State University board of trustees meeting. The 18-year-old from Shelby Township says interim MSU president John Engler discussed a payoff with her during a closed door meeting last month. Kaylee and her mom met with Enlger on March 28th she says to put a face to the nearly 300 Larry Nassar survivors. 

"You look at the leaders of MSU and they are supposed to be running this great university but how you can run a university if you can't learn yourself?" Kaylee said.

Nassar survivor says MSU interim president offered her $250K to settle

In that meeting, she says the mood changed from apologies from Engler to money.

"He continued to bring up money, and I had to keep saying I'm not here to talk about the money," she said.

She says he kept pushing.

"I remember looking at my mom, feeling so embarrassed and like we did something wrong," she said.

Engler's camp has been quoted as saying it was a hypothetical conversation, but one Kaylee said never should have happened.

"Someone like this running that university and someone like this supposedly caring for the survivors and treating them like his own daughters, not happening. Not buying it," she said.

Since she went public with what happened,emails have surfaced from Engler's top aid Carol Viventi, also in that meeting, essentially calling Kaylee a liar. Viventi wrote that Kaylee's claims were quote "outrageously distorted" and "pure fiction." But once those emails were leaked Viventi issues an apology, but not directly to Kaylee. 

"She was supposed to apologizing to me and to the survivors," Kaylee said.

For 5 years, since she was 13, Kaylee was abused by Nassar. She found out on social media in 2016 that he was being investigated. 

"I have nightmares. I have depression. There are days I can't even get out of bed," she said.

And now, she says Engler and other staff hired in to fix this mess are piling on to that pain.

"They have to be thinking I'm so lucky that my daughters didn't see Larry," she said.

FOX 2 reached out to a spokesperson with Michigan State University. They did not respond to the specific questions we asked in time for this story.