Neglected puppies with mange are healed, almost ready for adoption

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Two months ago, the story of the six puppies left on the streets of Detroit broke hearts. They were so sick their fur fell out - their skin was so raw and sensitive they had to wear baby clothes. Two months later, four of the half dozen puppies are almost ready to head to their new homes.

Piglet, Paisley, Wilbur, Charlotte, Pinky and Petunia were near death just a few months ago but now four of them are happy and healthy and hamming it up for the FOX 2 cameras.

We first told you their story back in January. The litter of neglected puppies were discovered in Detroit and animal control turned them over to Detroit Dog Rescue. They required constant care and were suffering from extreme mange. Kristina Rinaldi says they've come a long way from that day in January. But not all survived. 

"When we first picked these guys up, they had no fur whatsoever, their skin was scaly, it was peeling off," Rinaldi said. "Unfortunately we did lose Pinky and Petunia. They were just too sick, their immune system was lower, they couldn't fight off the infection."

It cost almost $12,000 to care for the dogs and they say the rescue wouldn't have happened if it were not for generous donations.

"They've been through a lot of medical treatment at Greenfield Animal Hospital, spent about 8 to 10 weeks getting medicated baths and they've come such a long way and we're so excited," Rinaldi said.

The dogs are believed to be pitbull-lab mixes and are roughly 16-weeks old. They'll soon be up for adoption and Detroit Dog Rescue is now accepting applications. CLICK HERE start the application process.