Neighbor of Detroit woman who killed suspect: People are tired, crooks beware

A Detroit neighborhood is shaken up after a woman getting ready for church fatally shot a man in an alleged home invasion Sunday.

Just a day after a man is gunned down and killed after approaching three women and forced them back inside their home.

Neighbors said they are upset over the crime in their community.

"Why would he follow her into her house, he's trying to get away. I don't understand," said David Eckridge.

On Monday Eckridge went to check on his uncle who lives a few doors down from the home of the three women who he knows.

"They are out in the summer time," he said. "They have two kids out there playing. They basically stay to themselves, they don't bother anyone."

But police say after the three women  ages 29, 55, and 75 were approached by the suspect, the 55-year-old woman reached for a gun and fired shots at the intruder, killing him. 

"You have to do what you have to do I hope it doesn't bother her, you have to protect yourself," he said.

Fox 2 attempted to speak to the three women but knocks at the door went unanswered.

Eckridge says he also has a gun and wants to see increased efforts by city leaders to reduce crime.

"I think people in Detroit are tired," he said. "People are tired, the crime and everything like that. People are just trying to defend themselves. Crooks beware."

No arrests have been made but police say the investigation continues.

Police also say they will submit a warrant package to the Prosecutors Office this week as part of the criminal investigation process.

But for those who know the ladies, they say they're just happy they were not hurt.

"Who knows how this would have ended if she had not protected herself," Eckridge said. "She tried to get away and did what she had to do."