Neighbors: Complaints were made about SW Detroit dogs in the past

"It's been terrible, I've been thinking about her every single day," said Edward Cruz.

The only reason Edward Cruz was around to come to Emma Hernandez's aid as three dogs attacked her Monday, is because he moved back to his childhood home in southwest Detroit.

Last August his family called 911 because dogs were running wild, he says.

"I had been called before saying there were a lot of vicious animals, that the family needs protection," he said. "So I'm willing to come back home with them to make sure they're ok."

It wasn't the first time authorities got word about dangerous dogs on the 6000 block of Central Street.

Detroit Animal Care and Control got a call back in March of 2018 about two of the three dogs that would later attack Emma.

A resident complained the pit bulls had got out of their fence. Animal control officers canvassed the area but never found the dogs, and they were unable to get in contact with the owner after making two trips to his house. 

The next call from that area came Monday when Emma was fatally mauled.

FOX 2: "How often do you see dogs running loose here?"

"Almost every day. Almost every day," said Delia Moran who lives on the 5600 block of Central -- just a stone's throw away from where Emma lost her life.

"After this happened I'm so scared," Moran said. 

Animal control removed two pit bulls running loose here back in October of 2017, but Moran says that kind of response can be hit or miss.

FOX 2: "Do you guys call 911 or animal control?"

"There have been times we call, for instance when that lady, when that dog was after her, we did call, but nobody responded," Moran said.   

Detroit Animal Care and Control has 10 officers in its ranks- nine more will be on the street in October.  

We spotted a dog running loose near Tarnow and Kirkwood in southwest Detroit Wednesday.

Stephanie Ruta says it's chased her and others.

"When I walk I don't leave without a bat, a knife, some kind of weapon," she said. "In case a dog does run up on me. Not too long a week ago, on my way home from the gas station off of McGraw the dog that's on the corner there a big blue pit that started coming after me. Two guys with concealed weapons pulled their guns out and the dog fled back to his yard."

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The Wayne County Prosecutor will make a decision on the whether there will be charges against the owner on Thursday.