Neighbors: FBI took person into custody from Dearborn house

The FBI may not want to call an incident on Jonathon Street in Dearborn on Thursday evening a raid, but something went down.

Neighbors tell Fox 2 that agents took at least one person into custody.

FBI raids house in Dearborn

"They took somebody out, and this morning I heard people talking about that they had an interview with a lady," said Maya Knaan, who works in the area.

Neighbors also tell us there is a husband, wife, two kids and an elderly woman who live in the house.

They moved in about a month ago, and they are from Lebanon.

Up until to this point, neighbors say they never noticed any law enforcement officers coming to the home.

Federal investigators had this street blocked off for a few hours. Witnesses tell me some boxes were taken out of the house. Meanwhile, so many questions remain unanswered, and that is leaving people who live and work in this community very concerned.

"We're asking to find out if everything is fine. Neighbors are not talking much. They don't even know what's going on," Knaan said.

On Thursday night, there were concerns if this operation could have been connected to a national security issue impacting Metro Detroit, but the spokesperson for the FBI says that is not the case.

"We just want to reassure the public that again there is no public safety, no threat to public safety ...  Again, it was, in fact, the FBI that was there and on scene," said Tim Wiley, a FBI spokesperson.

The spokesperson could not say when more information on the incident would be made public, but people who live in this community want answers.

"Everybody is just scared and they're looking around for more information ... I live in the area, but I don't know anything," Knaan said.