Neighbors say coyotes terrorizing west side Detroit neighborhood

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People living in a west side Detroit neighborhood worried about the safety of their families and their pets.

They say a band of coyotes is taking over. FOX 2 saw some of them Wednesday night. Residents say they have been dealing with it for six months.

"I looked down the street and said what kind of German Shepherd is that," said Reba Shockley. "I said that's a funny looking German Shepard. She said 'Momma that is not German shepherd that is a coyote.

"The doggone coyote I saw today was really big." 

FOX 2 saw them Wednesday evening slithering through this wooded area on Tyler Street near Linwood.

Reba Shockley says this pack of about 12 coyotes is bold...and seem to be used to humans.

"A coyote was coming out of that alley and he decided he wanted to lay on the sidewalk for a while," Shockley said. "So I watched him for a long time."

She says they live in what's left of this collapsed home and have taken up residence inside of garage in another abandoned home. 

"They will go into your yard, your garbage, they are everywhere," said resident Mark Carter. 

Carter lives right next to a field, it's a cut through for the pack and also happens to be where his nephews toss the ball around. 

Sure enough a coyote came walking out recently while they were playing.

"I'm worried one of the big ones will come out and snatch them up," he said. 

Carter says it's been a problem now for about six months and that they've tried getting help. 

"We've called the city, we've called the police, the fire department, everyone," Carter said. "We are trying to get some results for this. I don't want to see anyone get hurt over these coyotes.

There have even been reports of people being followed on their bicycles and one woman tells us they were eyeing her small dog.

Everyone's worried it's just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. 

"I hope they get this problem resolved," Carter said. 

According to the Department of Natural Resources website, coyotes are attracted to trash and neighbors say there are a lot of dumpers who use the area. They are also attracted to abandoned buildings where smaller critters - their prey - will live. 

FOX 2 has placed a call to the DNR and have not heard back yet.