Netflix 'Dope' star sentenced to Oakland County jail for drug charges

From starring in a Netflix show about narcotics, Ryan Zettell now found himself in a real-life courtroom drama for drug charges.

Zettell was in court Tuesday to learn his fate while his attorney pleaded for mercy, asking that his client be placed in a boot camp instead of behind bars.

But instead the judge sentenced him to 36 months to 240 months.

"A 22-year old man who sold three times to an undercover (officer) that's what we are dealing with - we are not dealing with some sort of kingpin," said attorney John Freeman.

"You and I may disagree but go ahead," said Judge Nanci Grant.

"He is misguided, who got brought into the allure of selling drugs and sucked into the allure of this particular television show," said Freeman.

Zettell was featured in an episode of a Netflix series called 'Dope' which featured stories focused on Metro Detroit. But in real life, prosecutors argued that Zettell was more than misguided. 

 During the arrest of Zettell, detectives recovered a backpack containing several items, including 29 grams of Molly, a gram of cocaine and digital scales.

And, at a search warrant location, a semi-automatic weapon was recovered.

"The gun wasn't registered to the defendant but clearly based on the location in his bedroom closet, he was in possession of it, " said the prosecutor.

Zettell, who goes by the street name *Ozone* was arrested for drug trafficking throughout Oakland County and surrounding communities.

"I spent four days in jail which was a big wake-up call for me," he said. "It scared me enough to know that I don't want to go back."

Zettell told the judge he's turned his life around.

"Today I hope to help people and save lives - I got trained in Narcan," he said.

But the judge wasn't buying it, saying. "You are a smart man who found a way to make a quick buck."

That's when Zettell learned his fate.

"I sentence you to 36 months to 240 months," Grant said.

And with that Zettell was placed in handcuffs to serve out his sentence.