New academy course evaulates students' social media accounts

A new program at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy in Detroit is drawing rave reviews for helping kids of the 21st Century.

It's called The Social U and it provides students with what developers call their "social media GPA."

With Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and countless other programs at their fingertips, the goal of The Social U is to remind students that anything they post online can and often does catch up with them in the future.

The Social U grades each social network the student uses for high-risk words, phrases and images.

It then provides them with a numerical calculation and a full set of tools to help them identify social media mistakes so they can correct them.

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy students will be given a 30-day trial of the software to improve their social media GPA.

It's all part of their advisory course on leadership.

The Social U is just the latest program turning heads at the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.

One hundred percent of the classes of both 2015 and 2016 were accepted to a college, a technical or trade school, or the U.S. military.