New Covid vaccines for young children, babies an exciting step says pediatrician

Advisers with The Food and Drug Administration voted Wednesday to recommend authorizing both Moderna and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines for the youngest children - babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

"This is an extremely exciting step forward in the right direction," said Dr. Julie MacPherson.

It comes after advisers found both vaccines to be safe and effective.

"Determining both efficacy and safety, those are the two main components that we need to check anytime we’re looking at a vaccine or medication for children," said MacPherson, a pediatrician with Beaumont.

If the CDC grants the green light, the vaccine could be available as soon as next week.

"For the Pfizer vaccine it’s a three-dose series," she said. "So the first dose will be given and the second will be followed three weeks later after that and the third will be given 8 weeks after the second dose."

The Moderna vaccine for kids under 5 years old. is a two-shot series

"And those are going to be administered four weeks apart," she said.

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But some parents of children in this age group are not embracing the news.

"I don’t agree with the vaccine," said Lakreta Morris "It’s so new, I would have to have more research done for some years and see the outcome and the effects of it."

Some parents believe that kids in this age group don’t become very sick, and therefore vaccination is unnecessary.

"But we do need to keep in mind that there is a very small percentage of children that have a very severe or significant course with Covid and that’s what we’re attempting to prevent," MacPherson said.

Doctors say although some kids may not become severely sick if infected with the Covid, they can pass the virus to someone who could potentially die.

"And so having all the members of our population vaccinated will be a very key part, if you want to keep those who are the most high risk, safe," MacPherson said.

If parents have questions about the pediatric vaccine contact your child’s doctor.

"Talk to your pediatrician," she said. "We are here to answer your questions we want to hold your hand and we want you to feel comfortable making this decision and doing what is right for your children and your family."