New food items for Tiger season: deep fried oreos, fried bologna

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It is almost time to play ball as Comerica Park gears up for the 2016 Tigers season.

But there's more than just cleaning and mowing going on. They are adding a slew souvenirs and new snacks that may make you rethink that hot dog.

Charlie Langton with the inside look at what's new inside the ballpark which is more than just about the hot dogs, Tiger caps and baseball cards.

This year, Comerica Park has stepped it up.  Like how about buying, first base? An opening day base will set you back $350.  Other new souvenirs this year include craft beer glasses and game day stuffed monkeys.

What else? How about food and there's some real, well nontraditional baseball food.

In the food court you will find fried bologna sandwiches, pork rinds and even the mac daddy dog.

And you have to do 10 laps or more for the Deep fried Oreos. Although they weren't Charlie's cup of tea, most fans seemed to love them.

Watch the video to see the unveiling of all the new items.