Nice attack raises concern over study abroad programs

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At least one Metro Detroit person was in Nice this week when a man drove a truck into a large crowd of people, killing dozens and injuring hundreds.

The woman was studying abroad in France and she wasn't hurt in the attack. However, it's raising questions about how safe our young students are while studying outside of the United States.

At least 84 people were killed another 200 were injured when a driver crashed a box truck into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in France. The driver sped down the crowded seaside promenade around 10:30 pm until police forced it to stop, and shot and killed the driver.

Alex Zimmerman runs the Oakland University Abroad Prgram and says the school is always ready to assist students in other countries.

"In this instance the students from our programs are all safe and accounted for. If anybody is affected, the university will do anything to assist them. We interface with the authorities, with the American embassy, with healthcare providers," Zimmerman said.

Ziimmerman is well-traveled himself - he's been to all seven continents. Now, he's the director of the program and says his department is constantly having conversations about how to improve safety for students when there is a terrorist attack.

"It's always a concern for us. It's not only terror attacks, but it's anything that might impact the health and safety of our students, abroad as well as on campus. So it's an ongoing process," Zimmerman said. "Any area where there is a travel warning from the state department, center for disease control will be under special scrutiny."