No charges yet for driver who killed passenger in head-on collision

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A wrong-way driver crashes into a semi-truck and kills his passenger while the driver is suspected of being drunk.

Nearly two months later, still no charges while a family is still waiting for answers.

"In the Pledge of Allegiance it's supposed to be justice for everybody," said Alexis Marcotte, the victim's daughter. "But my daddy doesn't get any justice."

"He was a great father," said C.J. Reed, the victim's son. "Now I won't be able to see him again."

At the end of April, Charles Reed was killed in the crash. Reed, 33, was a passenger in an SUV driven by a friend going the wrong way on I-75. The driver, who survived, has not faced any charges.

"He's out there walking around and with his family," Alexis said. "And my daddy is dead. He's not even being charged with anything - not even drunk driving."

"He should say sorry for us," said Javair Reed, another of Reed's sons. "I feel mad. I am sad I never got to see him again."

Reed's wife Rachel said Investigators told her the wait could stretch another four to six months before results are even back from the crime lab.

Michigan State Police confirmed to FOX 2 that they are waiting for results from the blood lab. There is such a backlog, it could mean that could take months.

FOX 2 went to the suspect's home but no one answered the door.

But for Rachel, it seems like justice delayed, is justice denied.

"It shouldn't take this long," she said. "If you have a man that stood there and admitted he had been drinking, he should have been arrested right there, on the spot."

Police say they need all the facts before sending the case to the prosecutor's office. Rachel says she is watching and waiting all the time with Charles on her mind and in her heart.

"It is my responsibility to get some kind of justice for him and his kids," she said.

"It's been emotional for a long time," said Gregg Reed, another son. "And the emotional sadness won't go away for a long time."