No curfew for protesters in Detroit as long as they remain peaceful, city leaders say

The equation is simple.  Peaceful protesting equals no curfew for the city of Detroit.

"When the curfew expired this morning I'm not renewing it," said Mayor Mike Duggan.  

"I'm excited today and I feel like I want to take that victory lap," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. "We had a weekend of peaceful protests."

The no curfew response took a few days to achieve after protesting became violent in Detroit. But when Detroiters stood up for their city, Duggan says that sent a message that outsiders and agitators had to leave.
In fact, most of those arrested at protest marches are not from Detroit, officials said.

"There was a total of 421 adults arrested," Craig said. "There were three juveniles detained. Of that number of 421, 136 were residents of the city of Detroit which is about 32 percent."

Craig said that 275 were from the metro Detroit area so roughly 68 percent of arrests were people from outside the city.

Protests are calling for changes after George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. Mayor Duggan will meet with protest leaders Tuesday to talk about next steps and what needs to be accomplished.

"If the conversation is about how we remove systematic racism from the criminal justice system, we are going to find a lot of common ground," Duggan said.

The city of Detroit taking all forms of racism and police complaints seriously. If you need to file a complaint regarding an issue with an officer the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners wants to hear from you.
"To date we have received 424 complaints," said board member Lisa Carter. "Ten of those are related to the recent protest. We received no complaints from this past weekend."

For more information about the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners, go HERE.