'No Labels' political party wants alternative to Biden-Trump 2024 rematch

A nationwide effort is underway to offer an additional choice for voters if President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump emerge as the two major party candidates next year.

Michigan voters won't be involved in the new "No Labels" movement until spring.  Former Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton and former Missouri governor Jay Nixon are part of that national movement.

They believe 67% of the voters want a different choice on the national ticket if it turns out to be Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump for the general election.

"We saw this election coming down the pike and a lot of people don't want a part of it, they don't want a rematch of 2020," said  Ryan Clancy, No Labels Strategist.

The intent is to form a third party with a Democrat and Republican running together. But while the group is active nationwide trying to get enough signatures to get on every state's ballot, Michigan voters will have to wait.

"We're active in 27 states," Upton said. "I think we will exceed 12 by the end of this month. This year in Michigan we can't start until next year, which is different than I initially thought back in May when we chatted about this. That's because in Michigan where we will need 47,000 signatures."

Some Democrats are afraid if this third-party effort is successful that their guy, Biden, will lose to Trump.

"I'm not going to be part of an effort that's going to see that happen," Upton said.

Tim Skubick: "So if it looks like the unity ticket is going to deliberate for Trump, what would you do?"

"Ask me that question in August," Upton said.

Skubick: "I want to ask you today."

"It's too early to say," he said

One thing for sure Mr. Upton will not be on this ticket.

"My wife is listening in the next room, so the answer to your first question is no," Upton quipped. "My hand is not up in the air."

But who this third-party candidate might be, is up in the air.

For more about the No Labels party, go to the website HERE.