Non-profit Bees in the D's hives destroyed by speeding car

Detroit non-profit's Bees in the D has hives destroyed by a speeding driver who crashed through a fence.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon at the corner of Meldrum and East Vernor in Detroit. But late in the afternoon everything changed

"She was going too fast, she went through the fence, went through the bees and drove up on the lot," said witness James Sewell.

When the car rammed into the beehives it forced bees from their home.

"We're talking about a quarter million bees in those four hives, so I would guess several thousand unfortunately perished," said Brian Peterson-Poest of Bees in the D.

The hives are under management by a nonprofit called Bees in the D, an organization that works to educate people about the importance of bees to the environment. 

Organizers say after assessing the damage to the property and to the beehives, they spent hours working to get these bees back into the remaining hives.

"We just wanted to make sure we had hives available for the bees to go back into," Poest said. "Because they instinctively go back to the spot because they orient themselves to the sun." 

Bees in the D say that's why so many bees are swarming in this area, because they have not become adjusted to their new space.

Bees in the D say the car crash not only destroyed property it also destroyed art work from kids at Downtown Boxing Gym.

"They have taken ownership in different ways like painting the hives," said Mike Mroz of the gym. "They have put on the suits, they tasted the honey, they have experienced hands-on why we have bees in our environment."

Bees in the D say they won't let this incident destroy their mission. They admit buying new beehives will be costly but they hope the public will step in and donate funding to help them.

"Unfortunately we had to throw them out because they were just too damaged," Poest said. "We are reaching out and just saying if you are willing to help out and just support Bees in the D which then is a domino effect and supports education of the boxing gym and other locations, we would greatly appreciate it so that we can get more hives in the city."

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