Nonprofit Rescue a Responder giving back to those who give back

The metro Detroit nonprofit Rescue a Responder is working amid the pandemic to give first responders a hand.

The nonprofit was created by Premier Roofing and Renovations with the sole purpose of giving back to first responders during this time of need with the coronavirus. CEO Keith Powers says while the group came about to help during the pandemic, they plan for it to be able to keep on giving long-term.

"We've always been a company that's given back to the community," Powers said. "We've seen everyone helping responders and we thought, how can we actually create something that's more sustainable, something that can go on year after year after year, even after the pandemic is over?"

Premier Roofing and Renovations has pledged to give 5% of its profits towards the cause.

It was recently able to put those funds into action, helping give a local nursing assistant a new set of wheels.

"A daughter had wrote in saying the mother had gone through some real bad past experiences," Powers said. "It was a very touching story, so we wanted to step in and help, and about a month for us to find the right car for her, and in constant coordination with the daughter and she was going crazy, you know she had money saved up she wanted to go buy a car, and we didn't want her to buy it, we wanted her to keep her money that she had so that way she wasn't down and out."

Powers says the group is already working on its next first responder to "rescue" and hopes they can inspire others to join their cause as well.

"You know you realize how much we take for granted. When you hear other people's stories, you know, and you're able to live a good life, so when we are able to give back there's no better feeling than knowing that we're changing someone's life in such a drastic way."

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