Northern Michigan community upset by noise from evening pickleball games

Some residents in a northern Michigan community are complaining about noise during summer nights.

Rowdy teens? No. Adults playing pickleball.

Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula won’t restrict pickleball hours at four courts. City Manager Jordan Stanchina had suggested ending games at 6 p.m., but 20 players attended a recent council meeting to object, The Daily News reported.

Roxanne Hudson, who lives next to the courts, said she and her husband "just want to move."

Noise from the paddles and plastic balls goes on "hour after hour" and "just drives you nuts," Hudson told the council.

Pickleball is played on courts that resemble tennis courts but are much smaller. That’s part of the appeal.

"We’ll try to mitigate (the noise) somehow," Mayor Dale Alessandrini said.

Scott McLure, speaking on behalf of players, said they might try quieter paddles. A 6 p.m. curfew isn’t favored because it wouldn’t give people time to play after work.

"Every recreational activity has noise," council member Bill Revord said.