Northland Mall online auction starts Tuesday

"Hudson's, I was looking for something from there because my mom worked there for 22 years at Northland," said David Smith.

Organizers say you must register online to participate and the bidding process is simple. 

"If they are familiar with eBay our system works very similar," said Delo. "Other than the final bid being extended, if there is a bid in the last 10 minutes."

Those who have a winning bid pickup their items Wednesday through Friday.

"Bring whatever tools they might need to remove items," Delo said. "We don't want holes torn in the walls or anything like that. Also bring help because we don't provide any loading service."

Hemphill says he hopes he comes out a winner but still hates to see this landmark go away.

"It's a shame," he said. "It's a beautiful structure. You hate to see it go."

To check out the auction, CLICK HERE.