Northville high school teacher and youth soccer club coach accused of sex crimes

A Northville high school teacher and youth soccer coach was arrested Monday on a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and is now on leave from both positions.

The teacher, who is not being named as he has not formally been arraigned, was arrested Monday on one count of criminal sexual conduct (CSC). 

We do know he is a teacher in the Northville school district and has been placed on administrative leave by the school.

Andrea Wheeler lives nearby and said this hits pretty close to home.

"It's scary because, you know, we're trusting our kids to be in school with these teachers during the day," Wheeler said. "It's very scary something like that happened so close to home, really."

According to a letter sent to Northville Public School families, the school district said it does not believe that the allegations and charges involve any Northville students. Additionally, the school said it is committed to the safety of children.

He was also a coach for the Michigan Wolves-Hawks soccer club. His coach bio has been removed from the club's website. 

"It just makes me uncomfortable. Being a single woman in today's day and age it's hard to think about how people can still be out there doing stuff like this because we don't know if it was a child or an adult or what happened or what the circumstances were. It's really scary to think about," said neighbor Allison Gall. "I'm sure plenty of people thought they knew him very well and thought they knew his character and for this to come out, it's just terrible, it's just terrible"

In the letter sent home by the Northville school district, the school said it would cooperate fully with law enforcement and may release more information at the discretion of investigators. Read the full statement below:

Dear Northville Public Schools Families, 

In keeping with our district's ongoing commitment to communicate with our parents and community members on matters of concern to our families, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that one of our male high school teachers was arrested this morning, in anticipation of potential criminal charges.  The district was notified by the authorities of the individual's arrest this morning, with the directive that more specific communication could only take place following arraignment which is anticipated to take place within the next few days.  We do not have any reason to believe, at this time, that the allegations and charges involve any Northville student.    

Upon learning of these serious allegations, the teacher was placed on administrative leave, pending our review of the situation and completion of the criminal process.  We are fully cooperating with law enforcement and guided by their directives relating to information we may release and any other steps that may be taken to ensure student safety.   Once the arraignment takes place, and we are able to communicate more specific information, we will do so to the extent permitted by law.  Please know that we recognize that it is difficult to receive limited information.  We are mindful of keeping health and safety of all students at the forefront, while also respecting the privacy and due process rights of those involved.  As in any serious matter, our primary concern is for the safety, health and well-being of our students, staff and families, and assure you that we will put support systems in place as necessary or appropriate as information becomes available. Thank you, as always, for your understanding, as we work collectively with you, and our community partners to meet the needs of our students, our staff, and our families. 

The Michigan Wolves-Hawks soccer club also released a statement saying they are taking steps to remove the coach from his duties.

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to communicate with our families and community on matters of concern - please see attached communication that several parents have received from Northville Public Schools. As you can see, it is a very serious matter if the allegations are true. The subject in question is affiliated with the Hawks as a coach.

We don't have any reason to believe that the allegations/charges against the coach involve any Hawks' club player or connection.

Since we just learned this information, we are taking immediate steps to remove the coach from his duties. We will be reaching out to the families that had this coach shortly. If you do not hear from us, then this was not your player's coach, but it is still, of course, possible that your player has had some connection to the coach. Please be assured that we will communicate information as we are able. We are mindful of keeping the health and safety and well-being of our players at the forefront while also respecting the due process system.  

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any information to report regarding this matter or other incidents of concern, please contact law enforcement.