NOW HIRING: Detroit police, Wayne Co Sheriffs launch recruiting efforts

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Detroit police and the Wayne County Sheriff's office need new men and women to add to their ranks and they want everyone to have a chance to apply.

Proud to see quite a turnout at Tuesday's law enforcement recruitment event, Detroit Police Chief James Craig and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon shared their experiences with potential police officers.

"You can't have effective policing in any city if you don't have a real partnership with the people who live, work and play in the city," Craig said.

Craig says he recently lost five officers to Seattle, Washington for higher pay. And the Wayne County Sheriff’s office has roughly 200 positions to fill. Craig and Napoleon are searching for the same type of applicants who are ethical, and committed to their community.

"We need to recognize the job of police to go into the community, protect it and not create hostility and division," said Napoleon.

With pay ranging from $31,000 a year to roughly $55,000 with benefits and opportunities for additional pay, Craig reminds these applicants this can be dangerous work.

"That's not something everybody can do," he said. "It's tough work. We have great days; good days and sometimes you have bad days."

Detroit police say they've had more than 50 applicants Tuesday from a very diverse group.

Applying Tuesday, 19-year-old Marlo Ellis says he's always wanted to become a Detroit police officer.

"My dad used to be in the military and a police officer that was his job," Ellis said. "When I was little I would draw pictures of us working together."

Ellis says he's lived in Detroit all his life -- and can't wait to stand up for his city.

"A lot of drug dealing going on right now," he said. "I'd like to fix that, protect the neighborhood."

While the recruiting event has now passed, if you couldn't make it out Tuesday there's a link to appl.

CLICK HERE for Detroit police application information.

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