Oak Park brothers busted after 7-Eleven stick-up spree

Two brothers, busted for a string of 7-Eleven robberies and police say the pair knocked off four metro Detroit stores.

All of these robberies happened in broad daylight  with customers inside the stores for some of them. Now they are charged for the crimes and are facing a lot of time behind bars.

The family that robs together, stays together - or in the case of Nicholas and Noah Polonis, gets arrested together. Police say the brothers from Oak Park were behind a 7-Eleven stick-up spree knocking off four stores in just a few hours.

FOX 2: "These guys look familiar right here?"

"Yeah they do," said the clerk.

FOX 2: "So they've been in here before?"

"Yes more than once," she said.

It started at a 7-Eleven in Ferndale Tuesday afternoon.

"It was like the police was in the front," the clerk said. "So then I went to the back and they told us we had just got robbed."

From there police say the two drove to a 7-Eleven in Oak Park  where a surveillance camera shows one of the brothers flashing a gun from his coat pocket and the worker handing over cold hard cash.

"They were on a roll, not stopping until they got caught," said police man.

By then police in Madison Heights got wind of the robberies and no sooner than they told their 7-Elevens to be on alert, two men held up the store on 11 Mile near I-75.

"It makes you nervous working like 4 to midnight," said another clerk. "But our bosses tell us it can happen to anybody."

And it happened to workers at the 7-Eleven on John R south of 14 Mile immediately after.

Madison Heights police were in the area and caught the Polonis brothers running inside an apartment complex.

Prosecutors charged the Polonis brothers  with armed robbery for the hold ups in Madison Heights and Ferndale. They are expected to be charged for the robbery of the 7-Eleven in Oak Park on Friday.

Both men are locked up on a $150,000 cash bond. That will likely go up once they're charged for the robbery in Oak Park.