Oakland County police impersonator spotted in Milford

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The suspect in Thursday's Milford stop wore a vest and drove silver Bonneville with a blue flasher.

A police impersonator struck again pulling people over in Oakland County.

Two real off-duty officers nearly caught him. Now the search for him is ramping up. 

A 911 call by an off-duty officer tipped police off to the imposter - this time at east I-96 and Milford Road at about 6 a.m. Thursday.

"A silver Bonneville with police lights pulling over someone, the guy got out and he had a sheriff's vest on, it seemed really, really odd."

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard spoke to FOX 2 about the incident.

"It could be a person simply looking for a little power - that kind of adrenaline rush," he said. "Which is bad enough, but our bigger concern is that this person is escalating. 

"If it extends into some kind of robbery, or some kind of sexual assault."

The suspect was driving a silver Pontiac when two real officers on their way to work realized what was going on. The man had light brown hair in a crew-cut style wore a tactical vest with the word Sheriff in silver lettering on the back. 

He fled the officers driving speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. 

"The combination of the car and the description might be enough that somebody goes, I know that person, or I've seen that car," Bouchard said. "And they put two and two together."

Investigators are also looking into another police impersonator incident from mid-June in which a suspect donning a Sheriff baseball hat turned on a blue flashing light and pulled over a 23-year-old near Duck Lake and Livingston roads in Highland Township.

The imposter in a dark colored Crown Victoria let the driver off with a warning. But the witness got a good look at him leading to a detailed composite sketch. 

"We don't know if these are related," Bouchard said. "But both were wearing something that read sheriff on it. And both were on the west side of the county. We want people to be extra aware."

Bouchard said if you are pulled over but don't feel comfortable stopping where you are at, you can roll down your window and acknowledge you know what is going on - then drive off into a more well-lit or public spot. If they do not have proper identification, you should call police right away.