Ocean Prime's recipe for buttery lobster tails

Ocean Prime is known for its prime steaks and fresh seafood.

Chef Chris Mayer joined us on The Nine to tell us more about their seafood dishes, and to show us how to make lobster at home. You can get his lobster recipe below. 

2 lobster tails, Canadian, removed from shells and skewered
2 Tbsp butter, Plugra Clarified, 180 degrees
3 oz corn regout (see below)
1 oz roasted red pepper, 6 large triangle cut pieces
2 marble potatoes, blanced and cut in half
1 Tbsp butter, unsalted
1 fl oz. red pepper cream sauce (see below)
0.5 tsp chili oil, cut 50/50 with blended oil
1 pinch lobster roe
1 parsley, sprig
1 pinch parsley, minced

Lobster tail prep

1. Remove lobster tails from the shells, but do not cut the top of the shell, cut along the side on the bottom so not to cut the tail meat at all. 
2. With a wooden skewer, pierce the tail about 1 inch from the tail end sideways. Then pull the skewer straight out of the top of the tail to remove the vein. 
3. Skewer the tail to keep it straight while cooking. 

Pick Up

1. Place the two lobster tails in the clarified butter at 180F. This can take about 15 min so stay slight ahead when busy. 
2. Place corn ragout in a small saute pan and heat til hot and adjust seasoning with salt to taste. Can hold batches hot in well or coveed in the bottom of the salamander. 
3. Place the potatoes in boiling water til hot and then palce in small saute pan over medium low heat with butter, roasted red peppers and salt, once everything is hot remove from heat. 
4. In a hot black bown, palce the corn ragout in a row across the center of the place about 6 inches long. .
5. Place the hot potatoes and peppers spread out over the ragout. 
6. Remove the skewers from the lobster tails and place in a way that they are balanced, and you can see the red out side on top of the potatoes and peppers. 
7. Ladle the sauce around the ragout. 
8. Garnish with a dash of lobster eggs, pinch of chopped parsley, parsley sprig sticking out of lobster tails and drizzle the chili oil in the sauce. Just about 5 drops. 

Corn Ragout

1 corn pack
6 fl oz cream
1 tsp Salt, kosher, to taste

1. Place all items except salt in a saute pan on low/medium heat.
2. Reduce cream until thick and clinging to corn. 
3. Season to taste

Red Pepper Puree

1 can roasted red pepper

1. Place contents of entire can in a blender in two batches. 
2. Puree until smooth, strain through pressping the pul through with a ladle. 

Red Pepper Cream Sauce

1.5 cup lobster bisque
2 fl oz red pepper puree
Salt, kosher, as needed

1. In a small sauce pot on medium heat combine the bisque and red pepper puree, season with salt as needed.