Off-duty DPD cop accused of pulling gun while drunk at wedding reception

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An off-duty Detroit police officer who allegedly pulled a gun a wedding reception is now set to face several felony charges.

From assault to obstruction of justice to numerous gun charges, 26-year-old Diamond Greenwood is in hot water for the drama that unfolded at a wedding reception back in October.

"Someone fired shots," DPD Chief James Craig said. "We're not certain at this point if the alleged shots she fired was in response to that shooter."

It's alleged that Greenwood was drunk when she pointed her department issued firearm at several people during the reception after an argument sparked a brawl. The Wayne County prosecutor's office says someone saw Greenwood fire the weapon and then hand it off to her brother Terry Catchings. He, too, is facing several charges. FOX 2 was unable to reach Greenwood for comment. 

"In my 32 plus years, now four years with the board, it's something that's really glaring," said Willie Bell, a former Detroit police officer and president of the Board of Police Commissioners.

"It's happening too often," he added. "And the message has been clear from the chief of police the Board of Police Commissioners, that we will not tolerate wrongdoing, misconduct of police officers."

Greenwood is just one of a several Detroit cops in recent months to end up on the wrong side of the law or in hot water.

DPD Cpl Gary Steele, a white cop, was suspended for mocking a black woman after a traffic stop and forcing her to walk home in sub-zero weather.

DPD Cmdr Johnny Thomas was forced to retire after being charged with drunk driving and crashing his department vehicle.

John O' Leary was charged for brandishing a gun while drunk at a bar in Warren. 

Bell says he's thankful the incident at the wedding reception did not make a turn for the worst.

"When someone pulls a firearm, more than likely someone else might be armed in that type of environment," Bell said. "And whether a corporal or somebody is just carrying a gun. We are in a gun society now. 

"We know that, so we should be conscientious of how we conduct ourselves because they don't know you are the police, you're not acting like the police."  

Right now that officer is still on the job, suspended with pay. She's set to be arraigned Friday.