Off-duty Michigan State trooper saves woman's life at Woodhaven Big Boy

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An off-duty Michigan State Trooper saved a Big Boy server's life after she choked on a piece of cornbread.

Nikki works as a waitress at Big Boy in Woodhaven and on November 2, things got a bit busy as she made sure diners got exactly what they ordered.

She said she didn't have a chance to sit down and eat but was snacking on a piece of cornbread when she had free moment. Her second bite nearly killed her.

"It got stuck in my throat," Nikki said. "I couldn't breathe.  I was scared, I thought it was the end."

Her co-worker, Shirly Pietruszka, tried to help.

"I turned around and looked and noticed she was choking," she said. "I tried the Heimlich on her and it wasn't working. I tried to bang on her back, it wasn't working."

Shirley tried to help but then she started screaming. That got the attention of off-duty MSP Trooper Mark Adams.

"He tried the Heimlich and he was behind her back and it finally worked its way out," Shirley said.

MSP acknowledged Adams for his quick action on Twitter, congratulating him on saving Nikki's life.

Nikki said she also got the chance to thank him for coming to her rescue. She hopes others will learn first aid procedures that can help save a stranger's life

"You got to learn how to do it because you could save somebody's life," she said.