Off-duty officer springs into action to save choking man

A Wite Lake police officer out to dinner with her family jumped into action Tuesday night working to save a man's life.

It was a relaxing evening at Leo's Coney Island in White Lake as detective Jessica Snow was enjoying dinner with two of her three daughters, 17-year-old Brooke and 12-year-old Bella.

"My daughter happened to point to me, mom you need to help him," she said.

Motioning to a man behind her, Snow says she saw a man choking and his daughter attempting the Heimlich maneuver.

"I could tell she was trying very hard but it was going to be difficult for her," Snow said.

The staff at Leo's called 911, along with owner Jim Christopher, who says he was immediately relieved to know restaurant regular Snow was there.

"She's an outstanding officer," he said. "I would expect nothing less out of her."

Trained in CPR, Snow ran over to help.

"We did a couple of thrusts first, then the airway is a little bit clear. We could hear that he was breathing a little bit," she said.

But the piece of chicken got lodged again. Snow performed the maneuver a second time, as the man began to breathe again as ambulances arrived.

"The staff at Leo's kept everyone calm. There was no panic. Everybody did a great job," Snow said.

The man was very grateful for Snow, thanking her for her quick action.

"As far as I know he's great, he gave me a thumbs up and we waved at each other when we left," Snow said.

But while Snow's daughters are also proud of their mom, Snow is simply humbled and appreciative for all the love she's gotten.