Officials announce change in reporting Michigan's COVID-19 testing data

On Saturday, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced a change in the way it reports data on COVID-19 testing. 

Officials with the department say the change makes the data more accurate and relevant as Michigan continues to expand diagnostic testing to help slow and contain the spread of the virus. 

The new update to the website will separate the results of two different types of tests, serology and diagnostic. 

Data coming from serology testing, also known as antibody testing, is separated from the other testing numbers. As of right now, serology testing can be used to help determine whether someone has ever had COVID-19, while traditional viral diagnostic tests determine is someone has active disease, health experts say. 

“Accuracy and transparency are paramount as we continue to respond to this pandemic,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health. “We continue to expand and improve data reporting to make sure the public understands where their community stands with the COVID-19 outbreak.”  

MDHHS says that the change in reporting will not affect the number of daily confirmed cases.