ON CAMERA: Bullied boy with bone disease beat up, injured in school

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Shocking video out of Monroe County – a boy in a wheelchair got into a fist fight with a fellow student.

That boy is battling a debilitating bone disease and is now in the hospital with a broken leg. While the school says it has taken appropriate action, the boy's mother says it is not enough.

Students at Airport High School in Carleton stood by and pulled out their phones as two students started to fight Monday morning.  It ended with a wheelchair-bound ninth grader on the ground and seriously injured.

Levette White is the boy's mother.

"I feel awful, he's in a public school going to get an education," White said. "He's in a wheelchair; he has so many obstacles and hurdles in his life."

She was outraged when she got the call, saying her son Jordan was suspended and his leg broken. Jordan suffers from a brittle bone condition leaving him vulnerable to injury and unable to walk.

Jordan had to be rushed to Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan where he underwent emergency surgery to fix his leg Tuesday afternoon.

"He broke my son's femur in half and it has a pin in it - so the pin is mangled," White said.

She says the fight started with cyber bullying, and that Jordan was being targeted with racial slurs and mean comments about his condition.

"My son said he felt scared and threatened so he swung," White said. "When he swung, he swung, and the whole wheelchair went over."

She said the principal suspended her son and the other student for five days.

FOX 2 reached out to the school for comment and were told in a statement:

"The situation was handled appropriately by the high school administration and school liaison officer in accordance with the Airport High School student handbook.  Specific information regarding student discipline is confidential.”

White said as of Tuesday evening, her son was out of surgery and recovering.

As for the video, Levette has a message for the one girl in the background who took a stand and helped Jordan after the fight.

"You are a very amazing young lady," White said. "To stand up in a room amongst all these teenagers who just sat there and watched it, and the ones who thought it was funny, she has a heart."