Online petitions start to free Tsimhoni children, remove judge

A pair of online petitions have sprung up in support of the Tsimhoni children held in a detention center.

Ruled in contempt of court for refusing an ordered lunch and apology with their father, they were sentenced by Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca in family court.

The 15, 10 and 9 year-olds were separated and jailed at the Children's Village - and denied visitation by their mother who Gorcyca in court accused of brainwashing them against their father. Their father left the country for Israel the day after the hearing.

On Tuesday, FOX 2's Taryn Asher broke the story of the Tsimhoni family, a groundswell of support has sprung up for the children and against Gorcyca, citing her behavior during the hearing, according to court transcripts.

Read the court transcript as the judge as she sent the three kids to Children's Village

The latest development has been a pair of online petitions which have been started online. 

On there is a petition to the Oakland County family court to release the three siblings. It currently has 3,432 supporters who have signed.

A second petition on began to remove Gorcyca from office. That had 2,849 signatures as of Thursday night. 

Gorcyca raised eyebrows when in court transcripts compared the children's brainwashing to Charles Manson, with what some called abusive behavior. During the hearing she asked if the children want to be locked up, sleeping in cells among other comments.

The next opportunity for the children and their attorneys in court will be next week.