Open Enrollment deadline approaches for health care, what you need to do amid this pandemic

Open enrollment for healthcare coverage is approaching and during this pandemic, it is more important than ever.

Right now more than 300,000 people in Michigan have lost health insurance after COVID-19. Right now a deadline is approaching if you need help.

Even though the Affordable Care Act provisions are being challenged by the Trump administration and the future for "Obama Care" is uncertain, it is the law of the land.

This means if you lost your job and health insurance or are afraid you're heading in that direction, you have two choices -  either land a plan on the Affordable Care Act or opt for Medicaid.  Which one is right for you?

"A lot of it has to do with your income eligibility," said Jason Resendev/Consumers for Quality Care  "So if you're at a certain income level you'll be able to get the insurance that's covered, Medicaid is covered insurance.  It's a state and federal split program that covers your insurance needs.  It's primarily for low-income individuals." 

If you were making a living wage but you lost insurance, you're more likely to find help through the ACA marketplace. Open enrollment starts next week in November 1st 

"The Insurance Marketplace is the national marketplace that you're able to ship for plans under the ACA," said Resendev. "It's where insurers have come together to offer a number of plans.  Some places like the District of Columbia have state-based marketplaces.  Michigan does not. So you'll be part of the national marketplace for different plans." 

But Michigan is one of the states that has expanded Medicaid for those who weren't eligible before.  

"If you've lost income or lost your job, due to the coronavirus make sure you check if you're eligible for Medicaid especially because Michigan is one of the states that's expanded that health care program," he said. 

Open enrollment Closes December 15th so get your notes in order. For more information, go to