Owner of Henry Glover House in Detroit's Brush Park has big plans

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The Henry Glover house is a Brush Park landmark for all the wrong reasons.

The once stately home has been crumbling for decades but now a new investment promises to breathe new life into the historic property. It came close to be being demolished. But a developer bought the house for $315,000 and he has some major plans for it.

The house was built by Henry Glover in the late 1800s, one of the first merchants in Detroit. The property is located at 229 Edmund near the corner of John R.

Over the years it turned into a vacant and blighted property thankfully, it was saved from being demolished.

"On my goodness yes, there are so many houses in the area that have been torn down," said Doug Quada who purchased the house. "I'm glad we were able to save this one."

The new owner of this property, Doug Quada plans to have five new condos. He wouldn't give an exact dollar amount, but says the investment will be well into seven figures and construction is already underway.

The second half of the house will have to be rebuilt. In the end, Quada has one word in mind for when the renovations are done - original.

"A lot of the trim work is there," Quada said. "There a lot is missing, but there is enough to duplicate it and replicate it. Keep it looking original."

Quada hopes to have renovations to the three level property by the spring of 2019.