Owner of Jeep set ablaze in viral video says he knows accused woman but doesn't know why she did it

You can still smell the explosion in a video that has lit social media on fire. After its debut - a few days ago, it has been traced back to an apartment complex in Harrison Township. 

"Boom, wow! That is something else," said tenant Jerome Doster.

That would be the typical reaction - to this video gone viral.  As soon as you see a woman walk up to an SUV with a gas can and stick lighter, you know something bad is about to happen and it sure did, leaving neighbors stunned.  As the woman sets the SUV ablaze, but it explodes in her face.

The fire department and deputies were called to the San Remo Apartments on Union Lake Road for a car fire on Wednesday around 8 a.m.

"I was at a loss for words, I couldn't believe it was going on," said Jerome Doster.

The Jeep's owner is Avery Stevenson he did not want to go on camera but shared this video of what is left of his brand new, fully loaded SUV. A charred mess is left behind, his daughter's stuff inside, gone too.

Sydney Parham, 26, is allegedly the hooded woman in the video who suffered surprisingly just minor burns. She is now charged with third-degree arson. 

Stevenson wants to make clear this was not his girlfriend, but he did know her. He said he doesn’t know why she did it. 

Stevenson has a rental for now and is trying to stay calm through the craziness. He suffers from high blood pressure. His acquaintance, Sydney Parham, was given a personal bond and then released from custody.

"I don't think that was necessary, she blew herself away," said Ashford, a tenant.

Tenant Nia Ashford and her boyfriend Sydney Pearson, like a lot of us, saw the video first before knowing where it happened.

"I thought it was some viral video," Ashford said.

"I said that look like it could be our complex," Pearson said. "We were joking about it."

It happened right in front of their apartment unit. Her car suffered a small scratch from debris, but two others were damaged, one with a blown-out window both with melted doors. 

Luckily, no one was hurt though. 

"Somebody could have gotten killed," Doster said.