Oxford family offering their farm goats to crash your next Zoom meeting

Getting Zoom fatigue? Seeing pet cats or dogs always livens the mood, so why not introduce a new kind of animal? 

A family in Oxford is opening up their farm and will show off their Nigerian dwarf goats at your next virtual hangout. 

For $40 you can get a 30-minute Zoom meeting led by the head goat handler, Jeanette Ross. She'll take you up close and personal with all of the goats as they graze, play, nurse and more.

"They're spunky and they're fun and if you're having a bad day and just go out and sit with them and they bring the day around. They make you happy and it's a lot of fun," she says. 

They got the idea because her husband, Joe, would show the goats and their goat barn to his colleagues every now and then on his company's Zoom meetings. And he noticed all the parents started waking their kids up to include them on the call so they could see the goats, too. 

The family started offering the calls to the public this week and say they've already seen a good response. 

They say teachers are especially interested as a way to take the class on a virtual field trip. The goats could also help with stress relief on a corporate call, or just lighten the mood on your next virtual hangout with friends. 

The family promises each goat has such a unique personality that it will be a great time. 

The money will help the family continue to raise their goats, which they care for with their three young daughters. They all help care for the goats and make product from goats' milk. 

A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to charity.

You can get more information on Goat Life Farm's Facebook page or on their website here