Parents, community rallies in Lansing in support of DPS teachers

As state lawmakers are working to hash out a DPS funding package that everyone can get behind, hundreds of community members rallied in Lansing in support of the teachers.

You've heard from teachers and lawmakers, but you haven't heard yet from the people representing the most important asset Detroit has -- the kids. Parents loaded five buses Tuesday morning and headed to Lansing.

The lesson plan for lawmakers looks like this. Insiders tell us lawmakers won't be deciding on legislation this week, but expect lawmakers to have closed-door meetings instead. The House bill that came under fire would make principals leave and re-apply for their jobs, and fund the district at $515 million to keep paychecks flowing. Right now, the district will run out of cash by the end of June.

The Senate bill funds it at $715 million. It would split the district into two. The newly-created entity would be debt free.

Also on Tuesday, DPS's transition manager Judge Steven Rhodes will lay out his 45 day financial and operating plan during a public afternoon meeting. Rhodes has already submitted his plan to the state. He says he spells out challenges that need to be addressed, primarily the district's massive debt.

His meeting starts at 5 p.m. at Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School.