Peaceful unity protest in Lansing

On Saturday, it was a peaceful demonstration in front of the State Capitol; many of the demonstrators were heavily armed. 

"The guns are here to defend ourselves," one demonstrator said. 

Some of the people said they were here from a newly formed group called Unity Coalition.

"What we're out here to do is promote peace and unity amongst different groups," said John Nichols with Unity Coalition. 

A press release about the event came from a group calling themselves Hawaiian Shirt Enthusiasts, and while they didn't publicly say they were part of the far-right, anti-government group known as Boogaloo Boys, one man spoke openly about it. 

"Boogaloo started years ago, as this idea of a second Civil War is coming here in America," the man said. 

Some describe the Hawaiin shirts as:

"They look cool, you can see other people, they're vibrant," one demonstrator said. 

While the Boogaloo Boys are known as an extremist group, supporters say otherwise. 

"No one here, not a single person her, wants any violence," said a demonstrator. 

Others echo the same sentiments. 
And when it comes to all the weapons, they say it's about exercising their Second Amendment. 

"We want to take 1000 steps towards peace, before we take a single step towards violence," one demonstrator said.  "The last thing we want to do is fire any of our weapons."

Other demonstrators spoke about what could happen if people from different groups worked together. 

"I believe that we can achieve greatness," Nichols said. "I also believe there are powers that be if we come together. They don't want us to unite, for fear of what we are capable of and I don't mean that in any negative light."