Phase 2 of I-75 modernization project in Oakland County starts Thursday

The massive I-75 moderniziation project in Oakland County is working farther south as all traffic will be narrowed to two lanes in both directions while crews tear up the northbound lanes.

Starting Thursday, Feb. 28, northbound traffic will start shifting into the Southbound lanes between Coolidge Highway and 13 Mile Road with two lanes open in each direction. This plan is all weather permitting but is expected to be this way all year.

Crews swill start the close after morning rush hour on the southbound lanes from Adams Road to just southf of 13 Mile. By Friday morning, around-the-clock lane closures will be in place with southbound traffic using the right shoulder as a travel lane. 

The configuration will close entrance ramps from Big Beaver and Rochester roads to southbound I-75, along with the exit to eastbound 14 Mile Road, for safety purposes.

The plan is part of the 18-mile modernization project that will bring the freeway to current standards and add a carpool (HOV) lane in each direction. 

Segment 2 is a $224 million project that involves reconstructin 8 miles of pavement, improving 18 structures, upgrading drainage, constructing community-developed aesthetics and federally approved noise walls, and the building of the HOV lane between Coolidge and 13 Mile.

The massive project was originally expected to take until 2034 - 18 years - but earlier this month, MDOT said it moved the completion date up to 2023. 

$630 million was put up by private investors to build the third phase of I-75. But over the course of 25 years, the state and federal government pay $1.4 billion back.

The work is taking place in phases through 2030. Overall, the cost of the roughly 18-mile project is expected to top $1 billion. The roadway from 8 Mile all the way up to M-59 will be widened.

Project details are posted online at