Pit bull puppy on walk attacked by pack of dogs in Detroit

A woman walking her puppy on Detroit's west side says she was attacked when eight vicious dogs broke out of a yard and pounced on her and her pup.

Tamara Kamara said she felt helpless when she was out walking with her new dog, Squirt. She said her dog didn't fight back when eight dogs attacked him Tuesday.

"That's all he was doing, just screaming and crying and there's nothing he could do," Kamara said. "He didn't fight back. He didn't do anything. He just laid there."

Kamara says they were out playing fetch on Tuesday and were headed home when they passed a home along Stahalin near Florence. She said she heard dogs barking in the backyard of the home and eight pit bulls went after Squirt, biting him over and over.

"The dogs just took down the gate and there was just so many of them," she said. "They weren't after me, they were after him."

Kamara was finally able to pick up Squirt and put him into another back yard but that didn't stop the dogs.

"The 2 bigger ones, they just put their claws on the bottom of the fence and just pried it up," she said. "Once the two big ones had him by himself, they just started ripping him apart."

Kamara said the owners of the dogs tried to pull them off Squirt but couldn't. Neighbors jumped in with weapons, trying to beat the dogs off with crowbars, to no affect. She said one neighbor then swung open his car door and yelled for Kamara and Squirt to get in. 

"I just dragged Squirt and all the dogs attached to him to the car and I just picked squirt up the best I could, threw him in the car and laid on top of him."

Kamara and Squirt were able to get away and rushed Squirt to an animal hospital in Southfield where he was stapled and stitched for hours. 

"His ears are stapled together, there were huge puncture wounds in his ears."

Detroit police and animal control are investigating. Kamara says a couple of the dogs were caught but not all of them. 

The yard they escaped from is right across the street from this elementary school.

We went knocking and heard dogs but nobody answered. The home appears to be used as a giant dog house with crates and more stacked throughout the backyard of the home. The owner says he does own three large dogs but says the others were strays and doesn't know where they came from.

As for Squirt, he's hanging tough and is expected to heal in a couple of weeks.