Pit bull pups smuggled over Canadian border, returned to US

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Busted at the border -  a truck driver arrested accused of trying to smuggle some pit bull puppies into Windsor where the breed is banned. They are now back in the US.

It was a first - the Windsor Humane Society says they have never had to do an international doggie drop-off, but they are happy to do it.

"It's been three weeks of housing them and caring for them, providing medical care," said Rachel Dottermann, Windsor Essex County Humane Society. "Because we don't want to just let them sit they are young and they need things medically. We are happy they are back and in good hands."

This all stems from an alleged illegal smuggling attempt.  Someone attempted to bring nine pit bull puppies just weeks old, into Canada without the proper paperwork.

According to the Detroit Pit Crew, they had some malicious intentions.

"We had an informant reach out to us today who is familiar with the truck driver who brought the dogs over the border," said Theresa Sumpter, Detroit Pit Crew. "And apparently he comes to Detroit and buys puppies for cheap and transports them over the border and sells them for a lot of money."

Probably because the pit bull is a rare breed for good reason.

"They are a banned breed in Windsor and in Ontario," said Dottermann.

Any allegations that these dogs were going to be sold have not been confirmed by Canadian officials.  FOX 2 is still working to see what has become of the alleged transporter.

"We took possession of them when they improperly escorted into Canada," said Dottermann. "And we have been holding them since making arrangements to get them back to the us."

A holding period that has been ongoing for three weeks due to the puppies’ health. One of the nine puppies died while in their care.

But Wednesday's drop-off had all the makings of a happy ending - one that will likely be complete in a month's time.

From here the dogs will go to the I Heart Dogs shelter in Warren where they will be put up for adoption after the 30-day waiting period.