Police: 10-week-old puppy 'left for dead' in plastic container

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(Photo: Howard County Police Department)

Howard County police say an extremely malnourished 10-week-old pit bull was "left for dead" after it was found abandoned inside a plastic storage container in Columbia.

According to police, authorities received a 911 call Saturday at around 4 p.m. from a resident on Braeburn Road who found the puppy inside the container in a grassy area of the neighborhood. The caller said the dog couldn't stand or move and the plastic container’s lid did have holes drilled in it. She also said the storage container was not there earlier in the day and is believed to have been placed in the area before the afternoon.

Police say an animal control officer responded to the scene and took the brindle pit bull to an emergency animal clinic where veterinarians found “Eddy” extremely emaciated, covered in urine and feces, had open wounds and missing some of his fur.

The shelter said Eddy is responding well to treatment and will be available for adoption after he completes his recovery.

Animal control officers are asking anyone with information about the person who left Eddy in the container to contact them at 410-313-2780 or by email at animalcontrol@howardcountymd.gov.