Police: ATM device used to steal $500 each from 30 people

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"I took out $40."

That simple transaction on July 13 at the Credit Union One in St. Clair Shores would end up costing Bill Roose $500 more - and also create a giant mess.

On Monday morning, Roose woke up to a call from his bank.

"'We believe your card has been compromised for $500,'" Roose said the message told him. And he is not alone. Police say more than 30 people who used the ATM at Credit Union One on Harper Avenue July 13 also had $500 drained from their account over the weekend.

FOX 2 also ran into Melody Terrana as she, too, was getting ready to file a police report.

"I was shocked. It took me a few minutes to think something was wrong. I was shocked all morning," she said. "I am trying to take care of it all today."

Police say the suspects likely placed a device on the Detroit One ATM, which allowed them to access the victims' personal bank information from a remote location. The suspects then somehow were able to duplicate the cards and use the ATM at the Credit Union One on Rochester Road in Troy.

"If my transaction was at 8:01, how long did they take all these other transactions? I was sitting there for a half-hour doing 30 of them, a minute a piece?" Roose said. "There's got to be footage."

That's what police are counting on - as well as each victim who is now out $500. FOX 2 is told investigators are working to pull the surveillance video at the Rochester Road location, and wherever else the money was withdrawn.

In the meantime, both Roose and Terrana are frustrated by the credit union.

"Here I feel like I am getting the enth degree here," Roose said. "I've got to fill all this paper work out, I have to tell them why it wasn't me, who did this." 

"They say they will replace it but, then you almost feel bad because you are thinking do they believe you?" Terrana said. "I have the card."

"It’s not first time, it might not be the last," Roose said. "It is a real sad commentary to think that every cardholder on the planet can say they've been violated one way or another."

Roose said the credit union told him it could take 80 to 120 days to get his money back.