Police: Autopsy of boy found in lake shows no signs of foul play

For six days Davison Township police had one mission, find Omarion Humphrey. 

Humphrey who is 9-years-old had severe autism. He could not talk and was last seen at Lake Callis with his foster family celebrating the 4th of July holiday.

"No signs of foul play. The time table is he was in the water from the day he went missing," those words coming from a press conference the Chief of Davison Police Rick Freeman. 

Not that Omarion has been found, police say charges are possible against his parents. Chief Freeman says it is believed that Humphrey's was in the water with no floatation devices and without supervision. "The shift is now back through the info and find out if anything needs to be handed over to the prosecutors office."

However, there is also the question of how could he be missed as Lake Callis was searched multiple times with sonar and experenced divers? "It has murky spots it has sandy spots. Not crystal clear by any means. Last seen and was discovered in a black bathing suit. With reflective material on it which I'm sure was a cause of frustration for dive team," said Freeman. 

The chief said he personally cleared the dive team after days of searching but the divers came back a day after determined not to give up. 

Ultimately it was a swimmer who found a water shoe in the water who led to the discovery of the body.