Police call man accused of attempted carjacking with UZI a "gun-toting punk"

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Now, the man is in custody and the victim is thankful to be alive.

Kara Jones says she can still feel his hand and hear the sound of his voice. The 37-year-old mother of three said she'll never forget it. 

Deitrich Sanders, 19, tried to carjack her in her own home Monday morning, police say. They claim the Detroit man was holding an UZI machine gun during the attempted crime.

"He could have sprayed the whole front of our house. It's very scary," Jones said.

Roseville police say Jones was leaving for work, and walking to her car. She hit the button on her electric starter when he came up to her and pointed the UZI in her direction.

"As I was just about to get into my car, I felt somebody behind me," Jones said. "As soon as I felt him behind me, he put his hand around my face and said 'give me your car, give me your keys.' I started yelling for my husband and he said keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet."

When Sanders got into the car, it automatically shut off since her key wasn't in the car.

With the car stuck, Sanders made a run for it, police say, while Jones' husband tried to hunt him down.

"He's always been my Superman," she said. "Now he just got to prove it, unfortunately."

Police caught him and now he's been arraigned on charges of carjacking and felony firearm and his being held on a $1 million bond as he faces life in prison.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said this "gun toting punk" is getting what he deserves.

"When you can't leave your house and be in fear of some punk like this coming up and accosting you, there's something wrong." Berlin said.

As for Jones, she's thankful to have escaped with her life.

Sanders is due back in court April 29th.