Police: Child hiding in attic calls 911 to report stabbing

Authorities are investigating after a young child called 911 to report a stabbing at a home on Detroit's northwest side early Wednesday morning.

Detroit police say a man was visiting a friend at a home in the 18400 block of Oakfield Avenue, which is near Seven Mile and Southfield roads, when an argument broke out that led to the stabbing. Police say the victim was stabbed in the neck and that he has died from his injury.

Detroit police say a child was inside the home at the time of the stabbing, which was around 5:30 a.m. Police say the 11-year-old was hiding in the attic and called 911. 

Once police arrived around 6 am Wednesday, they found a woman screaming outside and a 20-year-old man dead inside on the kitchen floor. He had been visiting his girlfriend when he was stabbed in the neck. Police say the suspect, a 32-year-old man, was arresed after being found hiding in the backyard.

The tragedy of a life taken is compounded by the tragedy of what this child will remember - forever.

"Where was the mother? Where was the child's mother? It's sad. It's really sad. Look what that child is going to have to go through for battles of her life. To see that. Whether it was her father, uncle or whatever relative to what he was to her. Really sad," and unnamed neighbor said.

DPD sources tell FOX 2 that the two men were drinking inside the home when they started arguing. From there, it escalated into the stabbing that ended with the young man dead. The family did not wish to comment on the matter. A neighbor, however, was not afraid to express her fears.

"I'm very upset about this because it's next door to me. I'm upset about it period. But it being next door to me, I'm more upset. I can't walk out of my door now in the evening, midnight, whatever. I'm scared to do that," the neighbor said.

Sources and family at the home tell FOX 2 that the victim is Jaylen Davis.

At this time, police are not commenting on the circumstances leading up to the argument or the relationship between the two men.

"I don't understand that now days. Young people now, they don't have the training from their parents or from their pastor, from neighbors who talk about things when they run into trouble. You don't shoot nobody. You don't kill nobody because you can. You talk about it."