Police crackdown as ban on flavored nicotine vape products begins

The ban on flavored vaping products is in effect Wednesday and police are cracking down.

"From a law enforcement standpoint, it's a law on the books and we need to make sure we enforce it," said Brian Miller, Westland deputy police chief. "The new law that came out today prohibits the sale of flavored vape products."

Starting today the law now prohibits the sale of the flavored vaping products.

"I'm completely compliant with the regulations, it is what the industry needs to do." said Lloyd Patton, owner of Podz. 

And the reason for the ban is because the governor believes that flavored vaping is a crisis among youth. 

"I know the dangers of vaping was a big push behind why the Department of Health and Human Services came out with the emergency rule," Miller said.

FOX 2: "The law bans all flavored vaping whether you are under or over 18?"

"Not all flavored vaping," Patton said. "All flavored nicotine products. Flavored vape that contains no nicotine is not under the ban."

If someone is caught selling flavored vape products with nicotine in it, the penalty is severe. It is a $200 fine but it is also up to six months in jail. 

"We are going to do follow-up to make sure it is off the shelves and if it isn't at that point in time, we will take enforcement action," Miller said. 

And this enforcement is costing some Vape store owners big bucks.

"As of last night at midnight, we took over $100,000 worth of merchandise out of our store which is going to be a complete loss for us," Patton said. "Unless the ban is opened back up."

There are court challenges to the legality of the ban. But as of now, the ban is in place.