Police crackdown on drunk driving on St. Patrick's Day

It was a day of green beer and big parties but police want to make sure everyone stays safe with a statewide crackdown on drunk drivers.

Today FOX 2 went on a ride-along with law enforcement - but it is not often we get to talk to someone on camera for drinking and driving.

"I wasn't sloppy drunk," said Marveshia Griffin.

But Marveshia Griffin was involved in an alcohol related car accident on St. Patrick's Day.

"I was coming down ... and a lady just came through a red light, I hit her she ran a red light," she said. "I had a green light and she ran her light."

Griffin blew .086 - just over the legal limit. She is one of several people arrested by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office this Friday night, Saint Patrick's Day - a holiday known for lots of partying.

"We've had a lot that have been in crashes today too, which obviously helps locate them," said Sgt. Jennifer Miles, Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

"I will own up to my minor mistake, but it won't happen again," Griffin said. "I will never get sloppy drunk and get behind the wheel of a vehicle, that's dumb."

FOX 2: "How much did you have to drink?"

"A cooler," Griffin said. "It wasn't three or four shots or anything like that, it was a cooler."

No one was hurt in the accident griffin was involved in ....

When it comes to drinking and driving, drivers are often driving too fast or too slow.

"Like on Woodward, the speed is pretty quick on Woodward," said Miles. "You get someone going 25 in a 50 that is not appropriate for that road."

Meanwhile Marveshia Griffin was remarkably calm while answering our questions.

"I'm not an everyday drinker, I do it occasionally," she said.


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