Police: Home invaders held knife to woman's throat during break-in

Five men armed with knives and guns terrorize a mother and her family inside their Mount Clemens home.
One held a knife to the woman's throat  while the others ransacked the house, stealing all the valuables they could get their hands on. Their getaway did not last long.

The family's 911 call features a family member uninjured but shaken up:

"They had a knife up to my mama's neck," the caller said.

911 operator: "She had the side door open and they came in and put a gun to her head?"

Caller: "Yes."

The family said four masked men broke into their home on Canfield Street Saturday. The fifth man was allegedly their getaway driver.

Macomb county sheriffs on Wednesday identified the five men from Clinton Township, Kalamazoo and Mount Clemens as: Channor Lewis, Dwayne Rasberry Jr., Joshua Mills, Jesse Stevens and Chevas Walker.

All the suspects are ages 17 to 21. Police say they broke in and forced those inside onto the ground.

911 operator: "Can you tell me what they look like?"

Caller: "One had on a mask,  like a breathing mask."

Stealing laptops, cell phones and Playstations - the thieves took off quickly but were caught soon after.

"The deputies responding were getting real-time information," said Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. One of our alert deputies saw there was a car with five individuals fitting the description. In and around the area."

 After spotting the Pontiac Grand Prix, deputies followed the five men to Joy Road and Colchester. That's when police could see the computers, cell phones, iPods and Playstations inside the car.

Deputies also recovered two guns, a knife and box cutter from inside the car and arrested each. Police say they're unsure why this home was targeted.

"Whether they locked their door or not," Wickersham said. "I think these individual were going to break into the house one way or another."

All facing up to life in prison and charged with armed robbery and home invasion, four of the five are also charged with unlawful imprisonment.