Police looking for tips after Superbowl Sunday Inkster strip mall fire

The Inkster strip mall fire from weeks ago is stirring up new theories about the suspect.

Two months ago, someone tried to light the same structure on fire. Officials think it may be the same person who succeeded over Superbowl Sunday.

"We see a lot of similarities," said Detective Brian Shafer, of the Inkster Police Department.

Whoever it is, police say there's little question about his intention. 

The light-skinned man, sized about six feet tall and 180-190 pounds, was caught on camera weeks ago lighting a fire outside a medical marijuana dispensary that burned the strip mall down. 

Because of the evidence, police believe the key to understanding the case is motive. Whether the individual was targeting the dispensary or another business is significant to understanding what happened.

If you know anything, call 1-800-SPEAKUP.