Police: men opened fire on crowd at Pontiac soccer game, killing bystander

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A man is murdered at a soccer game in Pontiac and second is wounded.

Police say they were just innocent spectators caught in the gunfire. Right now - no one is in custody.

Investigators believe there were at least two gunmen who randomly opened fire on a huge crowd - the park filled with families. They say it is amazing more people were not hurt or even killed.

"I heard what I thought was a firework," said witness Sonia Rodriguez. "As I turned back around I see a black truck coming, shooting."

Rodriguez spoke of the frightening moments for her and her boyfriend, who both barely missed being struck by a bullet that shattered the back window of their SUV.

Sonia's boyfriend normally plays in the weekend adult soccer league at Pontiac's Aaron Perry Park. But Sunday afternoon they happened to be watching from the SUV when bullets started flying.

"There was a truck behind mine that got shot and then mine got shot," Rodriguez said. "Then we kind of ducked down like, 'Oh my goodness what's going on.' As I looked forward I saw a guy drop."

That man was 42 year-old Gilmar Carrillo, who was just sitting on the top bleacher when he was shot in the neck and killed. Another 49-year-old man was grazed by a bullet and survived.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office says both men shot were from Pontiac and each were just innocent bystanders.

"So you have an idiot quite frankly firing indiscriminately into the crowd," said Undersheriff Mike McCabe, Oakland County Sheriff's Office. "There was somewhere between 300 and 500 people there at the time. We were lucking no one else was killed."

Investigators, who collected multiple bullet casings from the scene believe there were at least two shooters.

FOX 2 has learned there was a fight at the soccer game between two groups of people. Both groups left the park, but one group of men came back and that's when they began firing into the crowd.

"Pretty disgusting what occurred here," McCabe said. "And we're looking for the public's help,"

Detectives have interviewed several witnesses - but are still looking to identify the men that were fighting that led to the shooting.

Until they do, Rodriguez - who just paid to get her back window fixed - isn't sure she plans to go back to any more Sunday soccer games.

"Now I'm scared to," she said. "It was our spot to be on a Sunday with family and friends and the thought of going back, I don't think I'll go. It is scary."

Oakland County Sheriff's detectives need help identifying those involved - if you have any information call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP right away.

The saddest part about this story  the two people struck by the bullets had nothing to do with the initial fight. They were there just to watch the soccer game.
The man who died Gilmar Carrillo was from El Salvador. We found out tonight his wife is working to send his body back home to be laid to rest but cannot afford it.

If you can help donate, send money to Sandy Ramires De Carrillo, 67 W Yale Ave,  Pontiac, MI 48340