Police officer follows gut feeling, finds missing man

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A 76-year old man disappeared from an Auburn Hills hotel. An officer was following his gut when he found the man a few days later, hungry and confused in some brush.

John Hill, 76, was last seen at a hotel near I-75 and M59. After his family called police, a missing person's report was filed and the typical process started for police. But there were more dire circumstances for Hill than for most missing persons. He had some medical conditions and was in need of insulin.

Police searched throughout the area and, after 36 hours, they still hadn't found him. However, Auburn Hills Police Sgt. Brian Eftink wasn't giving up. He grabbed Officer Michael Lane and together retraced steps officers had made earlier.

"Why don't we go back to the woods we're going to take a walk again. i have an idea where he was last seen."

Auburn hills had searched this thicket the day before. with the traffic, it was really noisy. something told him They came at night and heard the cries for help.

We heard a low moaning sound. We thought maybe a deer or wounded animal so we both told each other to stop. We called out and heard it again," Lane said.

"We followed the sound of the moan. It was really dark and thick in there. We were just getting through the brush eventually shined our light down there he is. He's on the other side of this fence that separates from the freeway from commercial property. He was laying underneath some really thick brush just on his side couldn't move or walk. He could talk a little bit. But kind of confused. And he said he was cold and hungry. I go 'John, you have no idea how happy I am to see you'," Eftink said.

He was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. As for the two who saved his life, they called it the most rewarding thing they've ever done.

"It was most rewarding things I think I've ever done," Lane said.